Weather-Alerting Devices

Devices to Help Keep You Safe.

One of the newest weather-alerting devices is the Tornado Alert detector.  It is based on many years of NASA research and is independent of the need for any outside organizations to decide when to alert you.  It makes independent decisions based on local conditions within about 30 miles of its location.

Weather Radios come in all types of configuration (home, office, vehicle, pocket, etc.).  They are relatively inexpensive and might just save your life especially at night when you may be asleep and not actively following weather alerts.

S.A.M.E. Technology is a good feature (if available in a specific weather radio) to help minimize alerts that are not applicable to your location.

Tip:  Consider picking zip codes that are adjacent to your location.  In our locale, weather comes primarily from the West/S West so I include zips that are in those areas.  The idea is to get notified of potentially issues that are likely to head your way from neighboring areas.

Pocket-Sized Weather Radios are great for hiking and vehicle use.