Honeybees & Weather Go Together

In the United States (northern hemisphere), it is now autumn.  Nature is settling in for cooler weather and preparing for the coming winter.

See our Webcam Snapshot page for more beekeeping & weather information.

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This is a live, streaming video feed.  During daylight hours, the image is full color, 1080P resolution.  At night the camera switches to infrared mode to enable it to see in the dark.  Infrared mode appears as black & white or shades of gray.

Our WeatherCam and Beecam are the same Amcrest Model IP2M-850E (Black) Webcam.  This device is fully remote-controlled.

As you might expect, weather has a direct effect on the honeybees’ health and ability to produce surplus honey.  So beekeepers tend to keep a close watch on weather conditions…especially during the winter and cooler months.

During warm weather (above 60 degrees F), our honeybees are normally out and about.  The data is graphically displayed on a web page so we can monitor the relative condition of the beehive via its weight.

The data from the live, streaming webcam and the hive scales is transmitted back to our home via a sophisticated Ubiquiti Wireless Network

IP2M-850E (Black)
This is a tremendously capable webcam with a moving eyeball.
All Weather Mounting
Designed for full-time outdoor use and POE-powered.
Ubiquiti LiteBeam Wi-Fi
A Ubiquiti LightBeam Access Point beams realtime video to our Ubiquiti Home Network.
Ubiquiti LiteBeam Sector AP
A Ubiquiti LiteBeam AC 5GHz 802.11ac Built-in 120 Degree 16dBi Sector 2x2 MIMO (LBE-5AC-16-120-US) device collects the live webcam signal.