Welcome to Honey Hollow Apiary

Amcrest IP2M-850EB

Our Drebbieville Hive Hut now has two AZ hives with Purebred Russian Honey Bees (from 3-pound packages).  The packages were purchased from KelleyBees in Clarkson, KY.  The bees were raised and packaged by Coy’s Honey Farm, Inc.  This company is one of the founding members of the Russian Honey Bee Breeders Association.  All hives seen were started from packages in mid-April 2019.  Drebbieville’s products can be purchased on-line at The BeeShop.

  • Webcam Operating Hours: 6 AM – 9 PM Eastern Time Zone.
    Though our webcam has “night vision”, in keeping with the natural day/night cycle, we do not use the webcam’s infrared (IR) illuminator at night.  IR is typically used for night vision operation.  The webcam’s IR illuminator is in the spectrum of light that can be seen by honeybees.  We do not want to confuse them as to whether it is day or night.  Using IR at night stimulates them to attempt to fly and brings more of them out of the hive as they think it is approaching daybreak.
  • Click the triangular “play” button to start streaming.
  • Guardian Beetle Guards will be showing up on our hives shortly.  The lime-colored hive already has one.  Visit their website by clicking here.